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Co-Founder and Business Director

Antonio Raichs has an extensive background in project management as well as commercial management working mainly in the consulting and industry sectors. He graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Zaragoza (Spain).


Antonio defines himself as an active and committed person who is passionate about sports, especially padel and soccer. His relationship with padel arose from a very young age. It began at El Tiro de Pichón Tennis Club, where he competed on the tennis team. Later, the club installed the first padel court in Zaragoza. There, he watched the first professionals, like Miguel Lamperti and the Sanchez Alayeto Twins, compete.


Antonio continues to play padel regularly and is excited to be part of the international expansion of the sport.


Co-Founder and Technical Director

Jorge Lopez has deep experience in mechanics and production design, having worked in the aviation sector for several years. He graduated as a mechanical engineer technician from CITHE (Spain).


Jorge defines himself as a logical and efficient person who loves to play padel in his free time. His relationship with the sport began in Valencia, one of the padel capitals of Spain, where, after more than 10 years playing regularly, he made the leap to management at Padel Club Bonalba (Alicante).


Jorge has linked his professional career to padel and contributes to people sharing his passion for the sport.


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